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Win the online grocery delivery game

Within a decade, the vast majority of consumers will be online grocery shopping. For grocery retailers, the rising digital grocery landscape has paved the way for convenience and increased sales at scale. In fact, the market has already surpassed predictions with spending expected to hit $100 billion in less than five years.

Outside of online food shopping, the growth in grocery store delivery showcases that customers are willing to pay for convenience. To compete with e-commerce giants, grocery retailers and CPG brands need to look beyond click-and-collect and find a grocery delivery company that scales nationwide.

Offer scheduled and same-day grocery delivery service

No matter if they need an order today or tomorrow,  give your customers the gift of flexibility. At check out, customers can choose from scheduled, same-day or even rush delivery. Because drivers on our platform are already heading that way, we can make deliveries in as little as an hour.

Handle bulk grocery delivery requests

Customers aren’t just requesting same-day grocery delivery for small stuff that fits in the front seat of their car — they’re requesting delivery for huge items and bulk orders. Our driver community offers a wide variety of vehicle sizes including cars, vans, and trucks to handle bulk grocery deliveries, no matter if the team orders enough Gatorade for the whole season or just enough to restock the office pantry.  

Roadie same-day grocery delivery

Reach new customers in cities and small towns nationwide

Same-day grocery delivery needs to be everywhere for everybody, regardless of zip code. Tapping into an engaged fleet of vehicles already traveling to and from stores creates a last-mile solution that solves nationwide grocery delivery. This delivery model  flexes to handle variable volumes and distance at a predictable cost. At Roadie, our community of 150,000+ drivers has delivered to more than 13,000 cities and towns nationwide — a larger same-day footprint than Amazon Prime Now.

Nationwide grocery delivery built for you

Grocery retailers want to give their customer the gold-standard of delivery — convenience, speed, and a powerful brand experience. Working with Roadie provides the flexibility to serve customers and the insights to build delivery reach.

Know your customers

Because customers buy from a company's own e-commerce platform, retailers are able to build loyalty programs and increase sales with customers directly

Own your data

By owning your online grocery site, all orders and customer insights flow through your digital properties — giving retailers full visibility into buying behavior

Keep your profits

Because Roadie only delivers items — rather than sells them directly — we won’t take a cut of your Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) revenue.

on-demand delivery for small business

Launch on-demand delivery in days, not weeks.

Before you offer an on-demand option, it’s important to know how your new delivery program will work. A little bit of pre-rollout prep will ensure delivery is helping you meet customer expectations.

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Shopify customers, offer delivery from your store.

We have a new integration with Shopify to make local delivery of online orders easier than ever.


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    Kitchen Sink
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    Medical Supplies
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  • Roadie's shipping solutions make sure your motorcycle is delivered safely
  • Send microwaves with Roadie's package delivery services
  • Send important documents like passports with next-day delivery
  • Send and receive printers and other business items with Roadie's shipping solutions
  • Roadie offers shipping solutions for puppies
  • Same-day delivery service for party supplies like piñatas
  • Xylophones and other instruments make it safely thanks to crowdsourced delivery
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    X-Men #1
  • Shipping solutions for your X-ray specs
    X-Ray Glasses
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