Same-Day Delivery at a Low Cost

S&S Fire Pits co-founders Andy Stivers and Bill Speer thought there was no getting around the hassle and high costs of shipping their 180lb custom steel fire pits. They were plagued by growing premium rates from freight carriers and the slow delivery that came with them. When the duo discovered Roadie, the entire business shifted for the better. The 30% savings in shipping costs convinced the pair to use the service, particularly because previous shipping rates were sometimes 3x more than the cost of the items themselves.

“Meeting them turned out to be perfect timing as we were starting to ship more, doing our own deliveries, and battling the headaches of trying to find a freight company,” Stivers told Retail Customer Experience in an interview. “Before you know it, we hit it off and realized how well the Roadie fits into our business model.”

Roadie offered the S&S Fire Pits team more than cost savings. The service provides personalization and security that no other shipping service could give, including real-time tracking and insurance on every delivery.

When you run a business, the more efficient you can be, the better. We were searching for something like Roadie to save us time and money, and it’s worked out great.


S&S Fire Pits uses Roadie for same day delivery across town and across the country

Driving Sales and Top Line Growth

Closing more sales doesn’t always mean slashing prices for customers. For the S&S Fire Pits team, they take advantage of low shipping rates to optimize operations, close more deals and drive top line growth. For example, the S&S Fire Pits team attends festivals across the country to promote the company and sell fire pits. Because the shows make up a large portion of sales, it’s important that they bring enough product. But when there aren’t enough pits at the show, Andy and Bill don’t pack up and go home — they use Roadie to deliver 10+ more fire pits that same day. The team often sells the additional product and earns thousands more in revenue than expected.

More than that, Roadie has empowered the S&S Fire Pits team to expand their same-day delivery program without any extra cost to the customer. By including same-day delivery as part of their sales toolkit, S&S Fire Pits is able to close more sales and increase overall revenue.

Igniting a Quality Customer Experience

As craftsmen their entire lives, Andy and Bill take pride in their fire pits. And they want their customers to feel that same pride when sitting around the fire with friends and family. To get there, Andy and Bill knew it would take a combination of creativity and technology to deliver a top customer experience. Outside of cost savings, Roadie has given S&S Fire Pits more control of the delivery process, simplified operations, and helped build a stronger relationship with customers.

From personalized outreach to 24/7 connectivity, S&S Fire Pits customers enjoy an individualized and efficient delivery experience. Unlike other shipping companies, businesses and customers using Roadie can track their deliveries in real-time on their phone or desktop. Because customers know exactly when and where their fire pit will be delivered, friction and miscommunication are taken out of the delivery experience.

Roadie’s attention to detail and ease of use has driven stronger relationships with customers. And in turn, that helps S&S Fire Pits sell more through repeat buyers and referrals.