The Situation

ScriptDrop is a medication access company that connects pharmacies to a network of trained delivery partners, enabling prescription delivery across the U.S. Since 2016, their solution has helped patients more easily get their medications from pharmacies across the country. With a large variety of customers and patients in diverse markets, it’s critical that the company is able to identify high-quality delivery partners.

scriptdrop prescription delivery

The Challenge

By 2020, ScriptDrop had identified delivery platforms that covered its large metro areas. But finding a delivery provider that could meet the company’s high standards in mid-sized cities and rural areas was challenging. Delivering prescriptions safely from pharmacies to patients’ doorsteps is difficult. ScriptDrop evaluated delivery partners for HIPAA compliance and security standards but was challenged to find a new network that could meet its standards and cover smaller towns.

The Result

ScriptDrop turned to Roadie for a pilot, tapping into its network of on-demand delivery drivers.
With a strong record of delivering prescriptions for other companies, Roadie already had the systems and processes in place to ensure privacy, security and professionalism.

We’re committed to making prescriptions accessible, and it takes a special delivery partner to realize that mission. Roadie was already prepared to handle the additional precautions required for prescription delivery, allowing us to quickly roll out in new markets. As a result, we’ve seen a direct positive impact on our bottom line.

After a successful test, ScriptDrop rolled Roadie out to customers from Washington state to Maine. Because Roadie’s community of drivers live and drive in major metros and the smaller cities and towns in-between, ScriptDrop immediately was able to expand their coverage and make deliveries previously not possible.

After launching with Roadie, ScriptDrop made 8500+ deliveries in 2020 that other delivery networks struggled to cover. On top of helping the company expand deliveries to more patients, Roadie helped ScriptDrop offer competitive pricing in more areas across the country.