Speed up warehouse logistics with an on-the-way fleet

Launch same-day warehouse delivery

Optimize logistics management by activating warehouse distribution with Roadie. We’re a flexible, scalable logistics solution that uses passenger vehicles to handle commercial shipping and direct delivery at a predictable cost. Surging consumer demand for next-day and same-day delivery has prompted retailers to think beyond their normal fulfillment and transport logistics strategies. That includes alternative delivery methods, investments into shipping visibility, and now transforming brick-and-mortar into forward to distribution centers.

Retailers are getting creative about optimizing logistics management and moving product closer to customers. And more importantly, they’re finding fresh warehouse tactics to optimize same-day warehouse distribution and fulfill growing e-commerce orders.

Fulfill any type of warehousing and distribution

From shipping out product faster to rebalancing your shelves, retailers often readjust and restock through warehouse distribution. When monthly warehouse deliveries don’t cut it, retailers turn to Roadie to solve outbound logistics and quickly send product to stores.

• Warehouse-to-store
Product may be flying off the shelves, items may have been left off the truck or a customer may have requested a certain item. You need to get product back to brick-and-mortar ASAP. Roadie quickly solves warehouse logistics and direct store delivery, even when it comes unexpectedly.

roadie warehouse distribution

• Store-to-warehouse
Maybe an item didn’t sell as well as anticipated at brick-and-mortar stores. Or defective products that need to be returned to manufacturers are piling up. No matter the reason, Roadie helps retailers solve inbound logistics and flexibly move inventory back to warehouses the very same day.

• Warehouse-to-customer
Why not skip the storefront altogether? The desire for direct-to-consumer products have skyrocketed with the growth of e-commerce, and customers don’t need a store experience to build brand loyalty. Simply send product straight to consumers and give them commercial shipping rates they can afford. 

Win with direct-to-consumer pickup & delivery

Nationwide footprint

With a network of more than 200,000 drivers across all 50 states, Roadie can expand your coverage to 90% of U.S. households.


Enjoy peace-of-mind with background-checked drivers and features like Doorstep Delivery, real-time tracking, signature confirmation and a photographic chain of custody.

No minimums

Most big corporate shipping companies require volume minimums, but our crowdsourced delivery model makes it easy to flex and scale based on demand.


Roadie automatically provides $100 in coverage on every delivery, with protection up to $10,000 available from our partner UPS Capital.


How warehouse delivery can work for your business

A large retailer with dynamic inventory needs, including scheduled distribution and unexpected repositioning. Its brick-and-mortar stores are nearby designated warehouses and frequently receive new SKUs from those warehouses.

With the emergence of BODFS and BOPIS, retailers now need to move product in between warehouses and stores more frequently. Customers may request a specific item, or a number of high-demand SKUs could’ve been left off the truck.

Relying on once-a-week deliveries doesn’t cut it — especially if unexpectedly moving one-off product requires renting an LTL truck or finding “daily-sweep” traditional couriers. Delivery takes too long, while warehouse delivery costs skyrocket due to handling fees and rush surcharges.

Competing in the same-day logistics space requires retailers to transform warehouse pickup and delivery into a dynamic piece of their supply chain.  Trunk-loads rather than truckloads of product need to move efficiently at a predictable, low cost — no matter if its a warehouse return, a restock, or direct to consumer item.

Retailers partner with Roadie to improve their logistics management strategy across its inventory repositioning needs, including warehouse-to-store, store-to-warehouse, and warehouse-to-customer. Because drivers are already heading in the right direction, Roadie takes a lot of cost out of the equation and flexes dynamically to match order spikes and lulls from suppliers, vendors and customers.

Not only have retailers reduced overhead delivery costs by using passenger vehicles already on the road, but they’re also slashing delivery times to less than four hours on average. And in some cases, within two hours.

  • Handle returns, restocking and direct-to-customer warehouse distribution
  • Fulfill same-day, commercial shipping and direct store delivery up to 70 miles
  • Support delivery for oversized, heavy, and bulky items
  • Ability to optimize shipping lanes and consolidate routes to improve delivery times and efficiency
  • Scheduled and ASAP delivery offerings
  • Flexible integration with manual delivery scheduling, API integration or custom integration
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade features. Real-time tracking, instant shipping quotes, confirmation photos, proof of delivery, and 24/7 VIP live customer support