Schedule a pickup for today, tomorrow, or whenever

Your customers are busy and so are you. That’s why having the flexibility to schedule deliveries proves to be a gamechanger across industries. No matter if something needs delivery in two hours or two days, businesses can schedule a pickup and delivery time in advance with Roadie.

Schedule a pickup and delivery manually
Get started with scheduled delivery in minutes. Simply indicate item size, where it’s going, and when it needs to get there. Roadie will then match you with a driver already heading that way.

Integrate checkout and order fulfillment systems
The Roadie API helps businesses save time and development expenses by standardizing integration. Once connected, customers or associates can schedule package pickup at checkout.

Scheduled delivery with Roadie

Full visibility into scheduled deliveries

Keep eyes on your scheduled delivery, no matter where it’s going. Once you schedule a package pickup, we’ll let you know when you’ve been assigned a driver.

Real-time tracking

Photos at every point

Live updates along the way

Signature confirmation

24/7 live customer support


A situational snapshot

A grocery retailer starts offering customers home delivery with scheduled or same-day delivery options. The customer should be able to schedule a delivery date and time at checkout.

Coordinating across checkout, order fulfillment, and delivery systems should be a seamless process for retailers and their customers. Not only should the delivery platform offer same-day and scheduled shipping, but the company needs to seamlessly integrate with existing systems.

Roadie offers retailers and their customers scheduled, next- and same-day delivery nationwide. With over 200,000 drivers using our platform, the delivery network scales to support last-mile and regional deliveries.

Because Roadie leverages unused capacity already on the road, the crowdsourced delivery platform can easily flex to meet variable volume, size, and distance. The more volume that enters the system, the faster deliveries become. As a result, retailers are able to:

  • Deliver in two hours or less
  • Give customers the flexibility to choose any delivery window
  • Easily integrate order fulfillment and checkout systems
  • Full visibility into deliveries with real-time tracking and live confirmations
  • Support scheduled bulk pickup for large orders or oversized items