Manage retail returns from storefronts and homes

With a record number of consumers making online purchases, retailers expect a surge in product returns as well. In fact, customer returns cost retailers $351 billion in loss sales last year alone.

Omnichannel e-commerce made convenience a commodity, where customers now demand a seamless and frictionless online shopping and return shipping experience. The most compelling reverse logistics companies are offering retailers a nationally scalable solution for returns management that handles one-off and smaller return shipments.

Remove friction from return logistics

Along with product returns, reverse logistics also handles moving individual or small palletized items from stores to warehouses.  Removing friction from this process requires flexible, scalable reverse logistics companies that can:

  • Quickly replenish product in stores and warehouses, including retail returns
  • Offer a full menu of delivery choices to customers
  • Create a seamless reverse pickup and returns experience

Rather than using LTL trucks, retailers are turning to Roadie’s Collaborative Delivery model to tap into a fleet of drivers already heading the right direction.  This logistics management method creates a “just-in-time” infrastructure that moves product within hours, rather than days — and does it all with little-to-no overhead.

Offer at-home pickup for retail product returns

With the demand for speed and personalization at scale, retailers hold an opportunity to transform the return logistics process. Rather than forcing customers to make a trip to the post office, why not offer them easy at-home pickup?

With Roadie’s model, tapping into individual drivers already on the road allows retailers to create 1:1 delivery and returns experiences for customers — giving them the ultimate convenience. More than that, retailers can also extend the shelf-life of product by returning items to the rack faster.

Why crowdsourced delivery for returns

Leverage a reverse logistics company that accommodates a range of requirements, from at-home return pickup and inventory rebalancing to same-day, last-mile delivery.

Scale to Any Market

Crowdsourced delivery supports inventory replenishment and retail returns in any sized market. Roadie helps retails expand their reach anywhere.

Flex for Peak

Demand isn't always predictable. Tapping into passenger vehicles gives retailers more capacity when demand spikes.

Get Returns Faster

By offering customers easier, more convenient return pickup, retailers can restock items faster and increase the likelihood of resale.

Handle Large Orders

With Roadie's flexible fleet of passenger cars, trucks and vans, retailers have more flexibility to deliver oversized (and often higher value) items.


How reverse logistics management works for business


A large retailer needing to optimize its returns management process in order to save money and quickly move product from customer homes to stores or warehouses.


Reverse logistics management primarily focuses on returning smaller pallets and one-off deliveries to stores and warehouses. Retailers currently resort to LTL trucks for return logistics to warehouses, which results in many empty trucks, higher delivery costs, and longer turnaround times.

As a result, enterprises are currently looking for a more cost-effective logistics solution that handles deliveries within hours, rather than days.


To reach speed and scale, retailers need a reverse logistics company that “ships the eaches.” In other words, a company that efficiently moves smaller, one-off items across multiple pickup and drop-off locations.

Roadie taps into an existing fleet of drivers on the road to make same-day, last-mile deliveries in any market nationwide. Crowdsourcing drivers enable retailers to scale across markets and flex capacity for peak demand. Retailers using Roadie for reverse logistics have found that they can:

  • Return product to the rack faster, in order to sell again
  • Move product within 2-4 hours on average
  • No need to book LTL truck
  • Optimize returns process without any overhead
  • Improve logistics infrastructure across stores, warehouses, and customer homes
  • Scale operations at any market nationwide