Transform your last mile logistics strategy, nationwide

Meeting customer demand in a post-COVID world

Roadie taps into passenger vehicles already on the road to enable a same-day, last mile courier solution with the flexibility to handle variable volume, size, and distance. Shipping volume for home delivery has surged to unprecedented levels. This meteoric rise of e-commerce shopping demands that retailers evaluate and improve their final mile shipping strategies. Retailers should find a last mile delivery partner with the flexibility and scalability to provide door-to-door delivery across markets nationwide that can deliver on flexibility, scalability and speed.

Flexibility. These days, consumers are ordering almost everything online. This means that your logistics partners need to be able to handle items of all shapes and sizes. Our network of over 200,000 drivers ensures that you’ll be able to get proper handling for your goods so your customers get what they need, on-time, and appropriately packaged.

Convenience. More and more, consumers want the option to have contactless delivery. With Roadie, you get the option to deliver straight to their doorstep for added convenience and safety.

Scalability. Demand for next-day and same-day delivery exists in every city – not just major metros. By tapping into existing resources already on the road through Roadie, you can scale last mile delivery capacity in real-time as volume flexes up or down — in any city nationwide.

Speed. Fast means tomorrow or today — not next week. Roadie’s network of drivers is already heading that way. That means our final mile delivery solution can handle enterprise shipping more efficiently than the hub-and-spoke networks and “daily sweep” models of traditional shippers.

Scale last mile delivery nationwide

Improving visibility for last mile logistics

E-commerce customers want — and expect — transparency in their deliveries. At Roadie, we provide delivery tracking that’s accessible on any device so your customers and your stores know where items are at all times.

Real-time delivery tracking

Text updates along the way

Photos at pickup and drop off

Proof of delivery

24/7 live customer support

Case Study

The Home Depot elevates the customer experience and differentiates with same-day

The Home Depot

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The Challenge

When The Home Depot announced its billion-dollar plan to reimagine its supply chain in 2018, the company sought to increase product velocity and reach customers in two days or less. The last-mile, notoriously the most difficult part of an order’s journey, emerged as critical to improve convenience and speed – key drivers of customer loyalty.

The Solution

The Home Depot partnered with Roadie to implement and expand same-day delivery, giving DIY and pro customers exceptional on-time delivery performance in tier one markets and the secondary cities and rural towns in-between.

The Results

  • Launched delivery from 1,700 stores across the nation
  • Greater than 97% on-time delivery, even during unexpected peaks
  • Proven flexibility and scalability for delivery nationwide