Transform your last mile logistics strategy, nationwide

Meeting customer demand for same-day delivery
Roadie taps into passenger vehicles already on the road to enable a same-day, final mile delivery service with the flexibility to handle variable volume, size, and distance. The meteoric rise of e-commerce shopping has prompted retailers to rethink their omnichannel distribution and enterprise shipping strategies to appease growing consumer demand for next-day and same-day delivery. Retailers should find a last mile delivery company with the flexibility and scalability to provide door-to-door delivery across markets nationwide:

Flexibility. People can now buy almost anything online. And that means logistics services need fleets that can handle items of all shapes and sizes.

Scalability. Demand for next-day and same-day delivery exists in every city. Tapping into existing resources already on the road allows Roadie to meet your last mile delivery demands in real-time as volume flexes up or down — in any city nationwide.

Speed. Fast means tomorrow or today – not next week. Roadie Drivers are already heading that way. That means our final mile delivery fleet can handle enterprise shipping more efficiently than the hub-and-spoke networks and “daily sweep” models of traditional shippers.

Scale last mile delivery nationwide

Improving visibility for last mile logistics

Now more than ever, e-commerce customers want transparency in their deliveries. At Roadie, we provide delivery tracking that’s accessible from anywhere. So your customers and your stores know where items are at all times.

Real-time delivery tracking

Text updates along the way

Photos at pickup and drop off

Proof of delivery

24/7 live customer support


How last mile delivery works for business

A large enterprise retailer that has many stores and distribution centers as well as a robust online presence with hundreds of orders purchased every day.

Retailers want to give their customers the gold-standard, door-to-door delivery experience to build brand loyalty and drive returning customers. That way, they can build brand loyalty and drive returning customers through their logistics services. With rising delivery demands, retailers know that solving first-mile shipping and last mile logistics are an integral part of that mission. No matter if a customer wants an item the next week, the next day, or the next hour.

To remain competitive, retailers need a final mile carrier that delivers around the clock. Or at the very least, when their customers demand.

Retailers partner with Roadie to solve first mile shipping and final mile logistics in sprawling cities and small towns. We’re a final mile carrier with a  scalable delivery workforce that can handle variable volumes, sizes, and distances at a predictable cost.

Our door-to-door delivery service gives customers full visibility into their delivery experience. And in case there are questions along the way, the 24/7 VIP Customer Support team is ready to help.

  • Handle final mile deliveries from stores or warehouses
  • Flexes to handle peak delivery times and volume lulls
  • Scheduled and ASAP delivery offerings
  • Increase customer satisfaction scores across markets
  • Support delivery for oversized, heavy, and bulky items
  • Enjoy enterprise-grade features. Real-time delivery tracking, confirmation photos, proof of delivery, and 24/7 VIP live customer support