Transform your last mile logistics strategy, nationwide

Meeting customer demand in a post-COVID world

Roadie taps into passenger vehicles already on the road to enable a same-day, last mile courier solution with the flexibility to handle variable volume, size, and distance. Shipping volume for home delivery has surged to unprecedented levels. This meteoric rise of e-commerce shopping demands that retailers evaluate and improve their final mile shipping strategies. Retailers should find a last mile delivery partner with the flexibility and scalability to provide door-to-door delivery across markets nationwide that can deliver on flexibility, scalability and speed.

Flexibility. These days, consumers are ordering almost everything online. This means that your logistics partners need to be able to handle items of all shapes and sizes. Our network of over 150,000 drivers ensures that you’ll be able to get proper handling for your goods so your customers get what they need, on-time, and appropriately packaged.

Scalability. Demand for next-day and same-day delivery exists in every city – not just major metros. Essential industries like grocery, pharmacy and home improvement have been having a hard time keeping up with the recent uptick in delivery demand. By tapping into existing resources already on the road through Roadie, you can scale last mile delivery capacity in real-time as volume flexes up or down — in any city nationwide.

Speed. Fast means tomorrow or today — not next week. Roadie’s network of drivers is already heading that way. That means our final mile delivery solution can handle enterprise shipping more efficiently than the hub-and-spoke networks and “daily sweep” models of traditional shippers.

Scale last mile delivery nationwide

Improving visibility for last mile logistics

Now more than ever, e-commerce customers want transparency in their deliveries. At Roadie, we provide delivery tracking that’s accessible on any device so your customers and your stores know where items are at all times.

Real-time delivery tracking

Text updates along the way

Photos at pickup and drop off

Proof of delivery

24/7 live customer support


The Home Depot adds speed to the last-mile nationwide with Roadie

The country’s largest home improvement wants to offer same-day and next-day delivery to 90% of the U.S. population. They first partnered with Roadie in 2018 for delivery from store as a part of that strategy.

“Business as usual” ended abruptly for The Home Depot and companies all across the world as COVID-19 forced consumers to stay home and away from each other. Unsurprisingly, same-day delivery demand from The Home Depot spiked 500% in fourteen days.

The Home Depot needed to quickly scale car delivery service with Roadie at the 685 stores where they already offered it. Simultaneously, they wanted to quickly launch Roadie delivery for the first time in 263 stores in order to reach more of their customers during such an urgent time.

Roadie enabled The Home Depot to respond quickly, giving drivers and end customers the information and tools they needed to stay safe during the crisis and helping The Home Depot meet the intense demand for home improvement supplies.

With only 24 hours notice, Roadie was prepared to launch car delivery service to all 263 new stores. Its driver supply was able to scale in real-time with only organic driver growth, meeting The Home Depot’s surging demand with >99% on-time-delivery. The Home Depot continued working with Roadie to ramp up an additional 39 stores between April 3 and April 15.

In the first two weeks of the crisis, Roadie proved its value proposition — giving The Home Depot almost unlimited flexibility and scalability with the better reliability compared with fixed-asset solutions.