Roadie makes it easy to offer hot shot delivery that's flexible and scalable to meet peak demand.

No matter if you’re sending from stores or warehouses, Roadie offers same-day, overnight, and hot shot delivery in urban cities and rural towns nationwide. We understand that while businesses meticulously plan their fulfillment strategy, last-minute changes or unexpected orders come up from time to time. And those changes happen in sprawling cities and small towns alike. Having a nationally scalable hot shot logistics platform provides businesses across all industries the nimbleness needed to fulfill orders in any market without an LTL truck.

Use a single, streamlined process

No need to manage dozens of hot shot couriers nationwide. When coordinating one-off or express deliveries, a streamlined system allows businesses to move at a faster pace and to cut time negotiating with different companies from market to market.

Cover any store or warehouse

With distribution centers, retail partners, and storefronts in every corner of the country, businesses need a hot shot courier that can service them all. Our hot shot delivery platforms can seamlessly tackle it all. We have reverse logistics and inventory rebalancing capabilities to eliminate those restocking headaches in stores or warehouses. That way if you need hot shot shipping in Phoenix or Poughkeepsie, you’re covered.

Scale same-day, one-day and overnight delivery

Being able to nimbly move inventory within hours proves to be essential when launching same-day delivery to your customers or between stores. A hot shot courier helps goods get there ASAP — and maximize sales you would otherwise lose.

Expand your hot shot transport radius

Some hot shot platforms are really just courier platforms with all the usual restrictions on a geographic radius or mileage range, standard business hours, or hefty surcharges for one-day delivery. Express shipping goes beyond a 10-mile radius, and your hot shot company should too.

With a network of more than 200,000 drivers nationwide, Roadie offers same-day delivery up to 70 miles in a number of markets. Most of the time, drivers on our platform can deliver products within hours from stores or warehouses.

Support express delivery for one-off inventory.

If you can’t address demand for urgent and same-day delivery during periods of peak demand, you could lose the sales — or even the customer. Consider hot shot companies to fill gaps in your larger logistics strategy.


Booking and waiting for a LTL truck takes 24-48 hours. When you need to restock or move product now, a hot shot driver will pick it up and deliver it in a couple hours. Time is money, and we’re going to help you save both.

Volume uncertainty

Don’t sign a contract with volume commitments and tricky rate structures. Roadie is the ideal partner for fast-growing companies who don’t know what their volumes or peak needs might look like.

Cost savings and efficiency

Roadie drivers aren’t making dozens of other stops before completing your delivery, so it’s going to get there faster and more directly than it would with corporate delivery companies or couriers.

scake same-day delivery nationwide

Launch on-demand delivery for items of all sizes, nationwide.

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Situational Snapshot

How hot shot delivery can work for your business

The Scenario


A national beverage company that distributes its merchandise to thousands of restaurants, retail partners, and gas stations nationwide.


  • To quickly restock and efficiently move products
  • To find a sustainable, cost-effective way to move a small volume of inventory to multiple locations


Many of the beverage company’s retail and restaurant distribution partners sometimes find themselves out-of-stock on their most popular drinks before the next monthly delivery. However, most of these partners have the capacity to sell more beverages before the next restock. Renting an LTL truck for only a few pallets costs too much money and time.

How Roadie Can Help

End-to-end express delivery for less

Cross-industry businesses partner with Roadie for express shipping as many of its Drivers are already heading that way and can deliver items point-to-point for less.

Custom integrations for fast delivery

Custom integrations allow businesses to connect existing order delivery systems with Roadie’s delivery infrastructure. As a result, any company needing hot shot platforms can flexibly send products within hours to any location in big or small cities.

Hot Shot Shipping FAQs

  • What is hot shot shipping?
  • How much do hot shot deliveries cost?