Roadie same-day delivery as low as $99.

Roadie Air and Delta Cargo have partnered to offer DASH® Door-to-Door, the nation’s easiest same-day air express service at the price of next-day. With DASH® Door-to-Door, you can get things where they need to go faster and cheaper than ever before.

How It Works

Anyone can send things that weigh less than 16 ounces, and TSA Known Shippers can send heavier parcels. Whether it’s a new sweater for your sister in San Francisco, an expedited passport to a customer in Kansas City, or out-of-stock inventory for a distributor in Dallas. Ready to get sending?

Roadie picks up from your door.

Delta Cargo transports to destination city.

Roadie delivers to recipient.

Never tell someone “tomorrow” again.

Book same-day with DASH® Door-to-Door and we’ll handle the rest. With our platform, one booking handles pick-up from your location, air transport to the destination city and delivery at the recipient’s door.

• Real-time updates
• Same-day delivery to 55+ cities
• Competitive prices
• Mobile-optimized


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can deliveries originate from?
  • Where can I send deliveries?
  • What can I send with DASH® Door-to-Door?

Let’s get it delivered.

DASH® Door-to-Door is a first of its kind offering, so we want to help make sure you have a great experience. Use the form at the right to begin the booking process. We’ll reach out shortly to complete the delivery setup.