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Make home decor delivery and furniture shipping easy.

Direct home decor delivery 

Roadie is the fastest and most affordable way to transport chandeliers, furniture, rugs and other home decor items that need careful handling. With over 120,000 Drivers in all 50 U.S. states, Roadie can match you with someone who’s heading right where your items need to go, which means our point-to-point network is the fastest way to get home decor delivered.

The cheaper way to transport furniture

Large or bulky items like sofas, dressers and tables cost a fortune to ship with traditional carriers or furniture delivery companies. Save some cash by choosing Roadie to bring your items right to your front door.

No wasteful packaging

Lamps, chandeliers, mirrors and other fragile items are only handled by the one Driver you select, so you don’t need to waste money on expensive packaging and boxes. However, if you’d like an extra layer protection, we always recommend wrapping your home decor in bubble wrap, if necessary.

Take some hassle out of home remodeling

If you’re remodeling a home, you have enough hassle to deal with already. Take some stress off your shoulders by having furniture, rugs, curtains, mirrors, artwork and other home decor brought right to your front door for just a modest sum.

Why use Roadie’s home decor delivery service?
  •  No guesswork. The real-time tracking feature on our app shows you exactly where your things and when they’ll arrive.
  •  Direct routes. Our Drivers aren’t making a dozen other stops before yours, so your items arrive quickly.
  •  Delivery confirmation. The Sender receives a secure confirmation when the items arrive.
  •  Easy returns. Hopefully, you won’t need this, but if that lovely sofa or area rug just don’t quite fit the space or decor, it’s a snap to send them back with Roadie. Just post another Gig, and away they go.
  • Coverage, just in case. Roadie automatically provides $500 in coverage for every Gig, and you can purchase an additional $10,000 in coverage through our partner, UPS Capital.

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