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Drive business forward by shipping car parts with Roadie

Save money on auto parts shipping

When looking for the cheapest way to ship car parts, many auto shop owners find that cost limits their ability to expand business. Between weight surcharges and oversized handling fees, traditional shipping costs quickly add up when sending oversized parts like radiators, fenders, or mufflers. That could result in lower margins, less available inventory, and limited ability to move inventory from shop to shop.

Time and time again, Roadie proves to be the most affordable option for shipping car parts as our network taps into unused space in vehicles already on the road. Because Drivers are already heading in the same direction your items need a lift,  Roadie can provide reliable delivery at a rate within your budget. Oftentimes, shipping car parts across town ranges between $12 to $60 depending on size and distance — that means no extra charge for weight.

Streamline operations with delivery

No matter if you’re handling inventory rebalancing or customer delivery, shipping car parts takes time. Often too much time with traditional freight or if you’re driving items yourself.  Between packaging, palletizing, and paperwork, freight companies force shipping to become an hours-long process. When instead, your team could spend more time repairing vehicles, selling to new customers, or building existing customer relationships. Take one less task off your to-do list and let Roadie handle door-to-door delivery at the click of a button.

Expand your same-day delivery radius

With over 150,000 drivers nationwide, Roadie Drivers are constantly on the move and available to deliver your items. They’re already heading in the right direction and aren’t limited to a small delivery radius. By partnering with Roadie, mechanics and owners have been able to scale their same-day delivery radius up to 70 miles and beyond. As a result, repairs have run faster and online orders cut-off times have been extended. And at the end of the day, that means faster repair turnaround times, an increase in online orders, and an overall improvement in efficiency.

cost to ship large itemsInsurance on every delivery

Roadie Drivers know how to ship car parts, but insuring your items never hurts. That’s why Roadie automatically includes $500 of insurance on every delivery — 5x more than any other carrier. You also have the option to purchase additional coverage up to $10,000 through our partners at UPS Capital. That means that every item you send through the Roadie network will be guaranteed the exact same protections you’d get from UPS.

How to ship car parts with Roadie

Transmissions, engines, big rig wheels — Roadie handles auto parts shipping with ease. No mounds of paperwork and no minimum contracts to sign. Simply go online and tell us where an item needs to go along with any specific pickup and delivery details. Roadie Drivers will handle the rest:

  • Shipping car parts to repair shops. When working in an auto repair shop or car dealership, mechanics often find themselves needing car parts quickly. No matter if you manage a network of shops or simply need auto parts from a warehouse, Roadie can ship auto parts same-day or next day.
  • Buy and sell parts online. Perhaps you’re doing an at-home repair or trying to get some inventory off your hands. There’s no larger marketplace than selling and buying auto parts online. Once you sell or buy an item, make the rest easy on yourself and use Roadie as the cheapest way to ship car parts across town or across state lines.
  • Car collectors. You might not be a mechanic, but you proudly display auto antiques in your garage. Collect everything from tires to transmissions without worrying about strenuous shipping. With real-time tracking and photographic chain of custody, Roadie makes it easy to ship and track your car parts during delivery.

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