Everybody has a busy season – Roadie makes navigating high delivery volume easy. With Roadie’s Bulk Delivery feature, senders can upload and schedule multiple deliveries all at once through CSV.

Getting started with Bulk Delivery

To get started, log in to your sender dashboard. From your dashboard, click “Bulk Delivery” in the left-hand sidebar.





Our CSV template makes it easy

Organize all of your deliveries following our downloadable CSV template. After you upload, we’ll double check everything for any potential errors and let you know exactly what’s wrong, if anything at all.



Crosscheck details and track from your dashboard

Before you create your deliveries, you can crosscheck everything from customer names to addresses to order numbers – you can even see the individual price per delivery as well as the overall cost. As your deliveries are created and drivers get assigned, you can still individually track them from your dashboard, just like usual.


Bulk Delivery makes scheduling multiple deliveries quick and painless – and with our routing feature, deliveries heading in the same direction around the same time may be grouped together with a single driver, making for faster deliveries and happier customers.