It’s a question we hear every day: how do I ship fragile items without the fear of breaking it? Most will tell you it all depends on how you package it: what packing boxes you get, how many packing peanuts you use, and the right label.

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Even then, you’re left with the thought that your boxes could get stuffed and bounce from truck to truck.

ship fragile items

Imagine your stuff with traditional shippers. Almost always, it could be dropped, thrown, shook, or rattled. And with dozens of people handling your stuff, it never seems like each of them will handle it with care.

That’s why we listed the best way to ship fragile items with care. And we even added the cheapest and safest option: Roadie!

Step-By-Step Guide to Shipping Fragile Items

  1. Wrap your stuff in bubble wrap

It never hurts to wrap your stuff in a layer or two of bubble wrap. Most of all, giving it a little extra cushion will give you a little more peace of mind.

2. Grab a packing box, if you must

Simply put, packaging your stuff into a box adds another layer of protection. If you’re shipping through a traditional carrier, you’ll need to buy packaging materials. Plus, when you ship oversized stuff, the costs will only continue to go up.

3. Protect your delivery

Tell people you’re shipping something fragile, and they’ll understand to ship it carefully. To give your stuff even more coverage, make sure to insure it. With Roadie, we include $100 of insurance with the option to buy more protection up to $10,000.

4. Hand delivery means no boxes required

You could let your stuff bounce from truck to truck, or you could use Roadie. We’ll connect you with drivers that can easily tuck your fragile items into the back of their truck and hand-deliver it for you. Why spend money on boxes and supplies that often cost more than shipping itself?

That’s why our community has trusted us with the most fragile of items: grandma’s antique table, Jack’s crystal chandeliers, priceless artwork, and even boats.

What would you send if you always had peace of mind?