What is Roadie?

Roadie, a UPS company, has pioneered a crowdsourced logistics platform that enables fast, flexible, same-day delivery of any item, any size to more than 90% of all U.S. households. Our nationwide driver community reaches more than 20,000 zip codes — the largest local same-day delivery footprint in the country.

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As part of the Roadie team, you’ll be bringing something into the world that’s never existed before. You’ll work with smart, passionate people to solve hard problems in a vibrant industry that’s changing every day.

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Let’s make delivery better, together.

There’s an invisible transportation grid under all our feet. It’s made up of the patterns and places we all drive every day, going to work, running errands, and road tripping on vacation. At Roadie, we’re transforming that excess capacity into a public utility with the power to move things faster and more sustainably than ever before.

  • 250 million vehicles

    Today, 250 million passenger vehicles will hit the road with more than four billion cubic feet of unused cargo space.

  • 4 billion cubic feet of space

    What could happen if we put just a fraction of that wasted capacity to good use?